Work productivity & career-related certifications:

16) Digital Transformation (University of Darden & BCG)

Coursera (link to certificate), August, 2021

15) Small Talk Networking: How to Talk To Anyone (Johnny FD Jen and Larissa Swart) [4/5]

Udemy (Link to certificate), August 30, 2020

14) Overcome Difficult People - Assertiveness with Games Players (Chris Croft) [4.5/5]

Udemy (Link to certificate), August 23, 2020

13) Manage your boss - accelerate your career (Viraj Almeida) [4/5]

Udemy (Link to certificate), August 11, 2020

12) Essential Business Etiquette (Lydia Ramsey) [5/5]

Udemy (Link to certificate), August 7, 2020

11) Set up & improve your business video meetings & calls online (Nick Pilgrim) [4/5]

Udemy (Link to certificate), August 4, 2020

10) Develop amazing social skills & connect with people (Alain. W) [3.5/5]

Udemy (link to certificate), July 26, 2020

09) How to Run Effective Meetings (Jason West) [3/5]

Udemy (link to certificate), July 16, 2020

08) Productivity and Time Management for the Overwhelmed (Josh Paulsen) [4/5]

Udemy (link to certificate)

07) Mind Mapping Mastery –> Effective Mind Maps -> Step by Step (Barry Mapp) [5/5]

Udemy (link to certificate)

06) Foundations of Business Strategy (link to certificate)

University of Virginia (Darden School of Business) through Coursera - June, 2019

05) Effective problem-solving and decision-making (link to certificate)

University of California, Irvine through Coursera, Jan 2020

04) Think Again I: How to Understand Arguments (link to certificate)

Duke University, through Coursera, 2019

03) Certificate Course in Customer Analytics (link to certificate)

The Wharton School - University of Pennsylvania, through Coursera, 2018, grade: 88%

02) What is Data Science ? (link to certificate)

IBM (through Coursera)

01) Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

The British Standards Institute (BSI), 2007

My certifications in other interests:

Sports & nutrition:

02) Natural Running - Avoid Injuries, Become Efficient, Stay Fit (Ivan Nikolov) [4.5/5]

Udemy (link to certificate), August 10, 2020

01) 7 Unorthodox No-diet Rules for Achieving Ideal Body Weight (Ivan Nikolov) [4/5]

Udemy (link to certificate), August 8, 2020


02) "The Magic of the Blues Scale", Stan Prentice

Udemy, (link to certificate)

01) "You Can Play Jazz Saxophone", Simon Currie

Udemy, (link to certificate)


03) Turn Your Forehand Into A Weapon: Effortless Tennis Forehand, Jan Metelka [5/5]

Udemy (link to certificate)

02) Rock Solid Single Hander: One Handed Backhand Blueprint, Jan Metelka [3/5]

Udemy (link to certificate)

01) Master your Tennis serve: Ultimate Tennis serve Blueprint, Jan Metelka [5/5]

Udemy (link to certificate)

Video & Photography:

01) Smartphone Video: Learn to Produce Professional Mobile Video [4.5/5]

Udemy (link to certificate)


01) "Clinical Aromatherapy - treating health conditions naturally" (Isla Verde Spa training academy) [3.5/5]

Udemy (link to certificate), December 8, 2019


01) "Learn Hand Reflexology" [Central London College of Reflexology (CLCR), by Michael Keet]

Udemy (Link to certificate), August 21

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