Work productivity & career-related certifications:
1) Foundations of Business Strategy (link to certificate)
     University of Virginia (Darden School of Business) through Coursera, 2019
2) Effective problem-solving and decision-making (link to certificate)
    University of California, Irvine through Coursera, Jan 2020
3) Think Again I: How to Understand Arguments (link to certificate)
     Duke University, through Coursera, 2019
4) Certificate Course in Customer Analytics (link to certificate
     The Wharton School - University of Pennsylvania, through Coursera, 2018, grade: 88% 
5) Degree Name: What is Data Science ? (link to certificate)
      IBM (through Coursera)
5) Six Sigma Green Belt Certification from 
     The British Standards Institute (BSI), 2007
My certifications in other interests:
- "Clinical Aromatherapy - treating health conditions naturally" [Link to certificate - Isla Verde Spa training academy & Udemy
- "The Magic of the Blues Scale", Stan Prentice (through Udemy)     [link to certificate]
- "You Can Play Jazz Saxophone",  Simon Currie (through Udemy)  [link to certificate]
- Turn Your Forehand Into A Weapon: Effortless Tennis Forehand (JPG/PDF) by Jan Metelka (PLB tennis method)
Rock Solid Single Hander: One Handed Backhand Blueprint (JPG/PDF) by Jan Metelka (PLB tennis method)
- Master your Tennis serve: Ultimate Tennis serve Blueprint (JPG/PDF) by Jan Metelka (PLB tennis method)
Video & Photography:
- Smartphone Video: Learn to Produce Professional Mobile Video (link to certificate)